Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A "GRAND" Visit

My Dad, Grandpa Eddie, came to visit us for 2 weeks in August. 
It was a great time but I'm not so sure Grandpa Eddie is too eager to come back;
it was HOT
and we worked him hard!

Here a few pics of my favorite project that was completed:

old door - notice the tape holding it together
and the cool bar functioning as a lock!
How to open old door - please
remember to put ALL your weight into it ;-)
old door gone FOREVER!!!!!
Jack and Gre-Paw pulling nails
new door being secured
Awwwwwww -
a NEW door that slides and doesn't
release shards of glass with each opening! 

We also managed to have some fun too:

We are already looking forward to Gre-Paw's next visit!! Love you, Daddy!

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